Valentine’s Day in Salento, romantic dinners and a weekend of love

In the Salento area there are plenty of opportunities to bring your partner, or his partner, in places that offer specially romantic menus or various initiatives. Listing them all would be impossible, but the editorial staff of has put together some fantastic recommendations of just a few of them.

A la carte menu combined with an extensive wine list in Liberrima , at Corte dei Cicala in Lecce, with the Red Velvet Duo Concert Dinner . Serena Quarta’s warm and persuasive voice embraces the mastery of Giuseppe Patera’s piano, interpreting pop-jazz songs from Diana Krall to Natalie Cole through Norah Jones.

Starting at 21.00, the monumental Torre del Parco complex in Lecce invites all couples of lovers to a romantic dinner, warmed by the warmth of a lit fireplace and enveloped in a candlelit atmosphere where you will feel like you are in a place out of time. Galante dinner with themed menus and top quality dishes from refined music by “Past & Fasul” and “Blue Atmosphere” . Not only. For couples of future spouses it will be an opportunity to admire the Salone delle feste, the Sala del Principe, the Sala di Maria D’Enghien and the refined specialties of our Chef in an elegant and unique setting.

The romantic Valentine’s Day dinner also awaits you at ” A thousand and one night receptions “, live music and price of 35 euros per person. The entire menu can be viewed by clicking here . A love dinner for the most romantic day of the year in a dream location, the Basiliani di Otranto . A small enchanted village and the restaurant “Gli Ulivi” will frame a rich and delicate menu. And here too a top quality menu is guaranteed .

And for those, however, would like to treat themselves to a romantic weekend in the wonderful setting of the capital of Salento? Palazzo Belsanti is pleased to offer a special offer . All information is available on the Facebook page describing the event . Approaching the most romantic day of the year and the opportunity to surprise your “sweet half” with a romantic candlelight dinner we also propose Casale Solombrino di Supersano . ” Give yourself an emotion to live in Due! “, Write about the facebook event . Land menu 25 euros per person, sea menu, instead, 30 euros per person. Who wants to access the “Cupido” package, moreover, will have dinner, bed and breakfast.

To celebrate love, Cupid invites us to silence in enchanted spaces. At Masseria Li Surìi Mediterranean Oasis , a rose, an unforgettable candlelit dinner in the land of the Messapians. The evening will be enlivened with live music by the TopArt group , with a repertoire, ranging from music to the current one, passing from jazz standards to folk, all rigorously revisited and personalized with great care. The cost of the menu is € 45 per person.

A night of music and love, to celebrate Valentine’s day in an original and unique way. ” La Masseria ” – located in Via Lecce, km. 3, Gallipoli – offers an unmissable candlelit dinner with a delicious and aphrodisiac “Menu of love” . Also Masseria “Sant’Eleuterio” offers special , delicate menus , and the possibility of accommodation for moments of love to remember with your partner. #RougePassion is, instead, the color chosen by the local “Vita Eventi” in Leccefor the Valentine’s dinner: audacity, energy and passion, these are the ingredients of our menu, to celebrate love with its inebriating and unmistakable melody. Fixed menu and a special romantic evening, with 25 euros per person, also at the local “Litarà” of Merine.

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