The Salento airport grows with new infrastructure

This morning a ceremony was held to present the new passenger areas of the airport and the new operational areas of Brindisi’s Brindisi Airport. The event was attended by the President of the Puglia Region, the General Director of ENAC, Alessio Quaranta, the President of Aeroporti di Puglia , Tiziano Onesti, the Vice President Antonio Vasile, the Board Member Beatrice Lucarella and the Representatives of the Civil and Military Authorities .

” The airports of Bari and Brindisi are considered among the best in Italy – declared the President of the Puglia Region -. Obviously we must strive to have the maximum agility and always find a way to attract as many flights as possible. Having such a beautiful and safe terminal is a very important element of competition and attractiveness for Puglia “.

In his greeting address, the President of Aeroporti di Puglia Tiziano Onesti focused on the fundamental role of Brindisi airport as a strategic hub for the growth of the territory.

” The Salento – declared the President Onesti – represents for the tourist market in Puglia one of the most important areas for incoming flows, especially for international ones. Thanks to the interventions, the Brindisi airport significantly improves the already high levels of service, efficiency and safety, which are an element of great attractiveness for the carriers interested in investing in a port that, in fact, is a fundamental asset for the affirmation of a territory that has become an internationally recognized brand. It is no coincidence, then, that the Salento airport is the protagonist of a growth of absolute value, going from about 980,000 passengers in 2008 to over 2.3 million last year “.

” The attention, the care and the serious planning of the interventions that have allowed our airport to gain a prominent place on the national and international scenario – continued the President of Aeroporti di Puglia – are a reference model for those who care the fate of our region, allowing us to look with confidence at Puglia’s ability to win the challenge of competitiveness with other areas with strong tourism appeal “.

” We are in the presence of a decisive intervention in terms of quality and airport operations – concluded Tiziano Onesti – which unequivocally confirms the distinctive feature of the Apulian airport network and its future lines of strategic development, which can not fail to point quality, efficiency and internationalization of traffic “.

For Marco Franchini, General Manager of Aeroporti di Puglia “the temporary closure of the Bari airport, and the consequent repositioning of part of its operations on the airport of Salento, will be a first test to test the improved accommodation capacity of the airport and the its ability to manage substantial traffic flows without compromising the service standards that make it one of the first Italian airports to be appreciated by passengers and airlines. “

The works carried out involved both the internal areas of the passenger terminal and part of the aeronautical infrastructures. In the airport they have been extended, for approx. 1500, the boarding halls, where the gates have gone from eight to thirteen. On the first floor of the airport, the whole area of ​​security controls was relocated and at the same time the new automated system for passenger access began to operate. The system (optical reader of boarding passes and automatic doors) consists of five gates, one of which is reserved for the Fast Track lane. Outside, on the land side, at the entrance and exit doors of the terminal, two shelters were built.

As far as the aeronautical infrastructures are concerned, the works have allowed the extension of the aircraft parking area, whose capacity has increased from eight to ten stands. It was then elevated (from the “C” to “E”) the category of the “B” connection link between the RWY 05/23 and the aircraft parking area, now suitable for the handling of high capacity aircraft (Boeing 747 , Airbus A330), and other interventions have been carried out (ramp parking, new light towers, restoration of existing aircraft parking), which have further raised the airport safety levels for passengers and ground operators.

Article Courtesy of: Puglia TV Canale 116

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