Running through the city: invasion of two thousand runners for “Run in Lecce”

Monday 26th February 2018

In Lecce more than 130 sports clubs have arrived to represent as many as 12 Italian regions.

Organized by the asd Gpdm, presided over by the president Lucia Simone, at 9:30 am, yesterday morning, the eighth edition of the “Corri a Lecce” Half Marathon started.

Over 2 thousand runners paraded through the streets of Lecce as in a large colorful snake that brought joy and joy to the streets of the city center.

An exciting departure helped by a shower of confetti and his and from a climate that has been tempered in the right way to allow a healthy sport.

The podium of the Eighth edition of the “Corri a Lecce” Half Marathon is made up as follows.

In the first place is the absolute winner, the athlete Aich Youssef of ASD Pod. ‘Il Laghetto’ with the time 01:10:01, in second place the athlete Luigi Zullo of the Running Team D’Angela and in the third place the athlete Villazala Carton Christian of the Asd NEST

The female podium is made up as follows. In the first place the athlete Janat Hanane of ASD Pod.`Il Laghetto` with the time of 01:21:19, in second place the athlete Paola Bernardo of the Atl.Amateurs Corigliano and in third place the athlete Emanuela Gemma of ASD Tre Casali.

For the competitive race of 10 km and 200 meters the podium saw the first place the athlete Trifone Busto of the Running Team D`Angela Sport with the time of 00:33:27, in second place the athlete Vincenzo Di Toma of the Polisportiva Bpp and in third place the athlete Orlando Rossetti of Apuliathletica.

The “Run in Lecce” proves more and more a festive event for the whole city, in fact in this edition was held the Family Run, non-competitive race, “Run and Walk in the Baroque” that has regulated the many amateurs and simple citizens the opportunity to live in the historic center taking advantage of the presence of refreshment and the closure to traffic thanks to the professionalism of the men of the local police has always been at the service of citizenship.

Once again, thanks to the “Insieme si Can” solidarity project, disabled people were welcomed to experience a day of sport and joy.

The president Lucia Simone wanted to open the event with a heartfelt speech: “I want to thank all the athletes and family members of the same who have chosen Lecce and our sporting event, I am sure that our city has well known to host the many friends and athletes come from outside the region and renew the invitation to visit more and more our land rich in tradition, culture and sport “.

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