Quarta Caffe, the soul of the Salento

The Quarta Caffè company was founded in the 1950s with a small coffee roasting company located inside a bar in the historical centre of Lecce. Since the beginning the company has distinguished itself in terms of the high quality of its coffee such that it has become the symbol of coffee from the Salento. Even the famous Avio blend is born and dedicated to the colour of the uniforms of the officials of Galatina’s airport who would visit the bar to have their coffee.

For four generations Quarta Caffè has carried on with the commitment and determination for the work started more than sixty years ago by it’s founder Gaetano Quarta, and the Company is guided today by his son Antonio Quarta and his grandchildren Eduardo and Gaetano Quarta.

The company has been able throughout the years to ‘innovate through continuity’ without ever losing sight of quality, attention to the product and attachment to the territory.


Strong passion and vision

Passion in researching the best coffee origins, separated roasting, and care in the blending of the coffee beans has made Quarta Caffè a product of excellence.

The company has a strong vision for the future and its place in the community. It recognises that its link with the Salento is intimate and mutual and, as much as the Salento is the soul of Quarta Caffè, Quarta Caffè would not have existed without Salento. For this reason alone, Quarta Caffè is heavily invested in social programs and dealing with environmental concerns linked to sustainability and the safeguarding of the territory like “Il Progetto Natura” which was established to integrate new renewable energy sources including wind, photovoltaic and solar power into the energy supply to ensure that a large part of the company’s energy needs are met from natural resources.

Thanks to the know-how only built up from being at the heart of a community for decades, Quarta Caffè continues to confirm its excellence and recognition today as one of the best Italian coffee roasting companies there is.

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