Local Organic Salento Snacks

Pronto BIO was founded in 1996 in Maglie in the province of Lecce in Salento. The range includes a variety of snacks that are milled from carefully selected cereals and produced in the oven, i.e. “prodotti da forno”.

Pronto BIO use only the ancient flours produced from the likes of Senatore Cappelli and Diccum spelt wheats, and ingredients that are cultivated by their cooperative of local organic farmers.

Many of the products are suitable for people with special dietary requirements and are made with gluten free cereal flours such as Kamut, Rye and Timilia and are high in fibre and full of vitamins.

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Friselline, Grisselli and Tarallini

We are currently stocking Friselline, Grisselli and Tarallini which are healthy and fresh savoury snacks made with simple ingredients, such as extra virgin olive oil, flour and sea salt that are then twice baked to give them an extra crispy taste, but at temperatures below 140 ̊C to preserve their organic characteristics.

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Classic Southern Italian Culinary Style

As well as the plain variety we have Friselline made with pepperoncino (pepper) and rosmarino (rosmary) as well as Grisselli made with curcuma (turmeric) and Tarallini made with fennel seeds (finocchio). These products and their ingredients are a great classic of southern Italy and were born out of the culinary style now referred to as “cucina povera”, or peasant food, when families didn’t have the means to provide fancy expensive foods, and they can be eaten with all sorts of ingredients that nature has to offer and are now considered to be healthy as well as tasty, such as tomatoes, aubergines, peppers, rocket salad and fresh basil.

They can also be served as a more sophisticated aperitive with toppings such as ricotta cheese with a drizzle of organic lemon flavoured extra virgin olive oil from Olio Merico, and they also pair very well with some of the spreads from Pralina, such as Crema di Olive Nere Leccine (black olive spread) and Bruschetta di Carciofi (bruschetta made with artichokes).