Creating exquisite natural pasta sauces, condiments, pates, bruschette pastes and creams

The Salento’s pleasant climate and mild air by the coast and in the sunny countryside promote the growth of endless wild herbs and plants, and a great variety of fruit and vegetables.

It is against that backdrop that Pralina began business in 1991 thanks to the initiative of a group of young professionals that, driven by a passion and shared expertise, decided to transform these herbs, fruit and vegetables into exquisite natural products.

Pralina produces ready-to-use pasta sauces and condiments for bruschetta, and sauces and creams to accompany second courses. Their products reflect the region’s biodiversity, its characteristics and traditions, paying particular attention to the environmental sustainability of the entire production process.


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Skilled chefs capture the taste of Salento

The company still maintains “the characteristics of an artisan laboratory” combining the careful selection of raw materials and the care of home-made recipes. Every day in the Pralina kitchens their skilled chefs measure out ingredients and meticulously prepare and cook the sauces. For every recipe that is prepared the knowledge of the raw materials, and their mastery of taste is what encapsulates the flavours of the land in every small jar of sauce.

The range of products ticks all the boxes. The Pralina range of sauces are aimed at recovering the Italian culinary tradition creating an array of flavours that bear witness to the richness of Italian gastronomy, evoking the full flavour of summer flavours, selected vegetables and tasty tomato combined with extra virgin olive oil make excellent condiments for all types of pasta.

The perfect accompaniment

The condiments are based on the Mediterranean gastronomic tradition enhancing their authenticity and originality, and the preciousness of the ingredients will give a delicate and innovative touch to your dishes.

And then there are the Bruschetta and cream sauces, produced to exclusive and original recipes for condiments with a full and tasty flavour that add imagination and creativity and will just wow your table!

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