Excellence from the tree to the bottle

Olio Merico is a small artisan producer that guarantees a product of exceptional quality.

The company and their fine olive oils have been mentioned and written about in several top magazines and some of the world’s most prestigious olive oil guides including Slow Food, Gambero Rosso and Medoliva. The oil comes from ancient olive trees of the “Ogliarola di Lecce” and “Cellina di Nardò” varieties, many of which have been owned by the family since 1700, although the company’s more recent past goes back to 1983 when Mamma Maria Rosa inherited a substantial area of olive groves with trees that are 500 years old.

Olio Merico oil is produced without the use of pesticides, herbicides or genetic modification and the company holds the prestigious certificate of conformity granted by Codex!

Olio Merico earned their certification for the company’s commitment to organic and biologically approved production methods, including generating their own energy for use on the farm and in the mill from clean and renewable sources.

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Family run in every sense of the word

The company is a family affair in every sense of the word with several members of the family involved in the running of the business, including Maria Rosa’s daughters Marta and Consiglia, and son Vito.

Each of them plays an essential role in the running of this historical Salento producer with the help of a small dedicated and knowledge team, but the fact that Marta, who joined the company in 2002 to oversee new production methods to improve the quality of the oils after qualifying at the Italian National Organisation of Olive Oil Tasters, is a clear indication of how good their oil really is.

A delight for your senses

The sensorial characteristics of the oils are amazing and the Piana degli Ulivi, Barocco and Kurumuni all share a medium fruity characteristic, however the Piana degli Ulivi has classic aromatic notes of tomato, artichoke and chicory and pairs well with red meat, bean soups, wild herbs, raw vegetables, dark chocolate and all well-structured dishes.

Whereas the Barocco has classic notes of banana, apple and wild berries and pairs well with both meat and fish carpaccio, salad and steamed vegetables, and the Kurumuni has notes of grass, almond, artichoke and wild chicories and is perfect with meat and fish, soups and steamed vegetables.

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