Explaining what makes Gina & Sofia pasta special could take longer than it would to cook a meal. Gina & Sofia pasta is tasty and of exceptional quality, intended for lovers of good food. With a rich and unmistakable flavour, their pasta reflects ancient culinary traditions and prides itself compared to ordinary pastas that have been influenced by modern lifestyles, fashion and have little flavour.

Only the highest quality from Gina & Sofia

Large pasta factories dry their pasta for three or four hours with temperatures reaching up to 130°… so what, you might say? Well here is the point, Gina & Sofia dry their pasta for 24-40 hours and, depending on the format, at a maximum of 48° corresponding to the maximum temperatures of the Italian summer and it is this that ensures that all the properties of the product are preserved, and all importantly that the pasta remains absorbent to soak up the sauce.

Cooking at high temperature accounts for the loss of vital substances, for example, at 80° there is 40% less vitamin B1 and 53% less vitamin B2 than when pasta is cooked above 48°. Moreover, starting from 60°, such high temperatures change the starch structure which “jellifies” the pasta making it harder and more difficult to digest – but unfortunately many consumers think that it is of better quality because it remains “al dente” for a longer time, whereas amongst the fortunate that have tasted the difference it is known as “dead pasta”.

Gina & Sofia

Simple and natural

The pasta is made of simple and natural ingredients, such as durum wheat semolina, barley flour, water. However, the careful selection of the ingredients upstream in the production process guarantees the high quality of our product.

Although only a small producer the investment in sophisticated equipment is remarkable, enabling the monitoring and control of the humidity, temperature and ventilation to obtain the ideal conditions to mix the flour and dry the pasta in perfect conditions in order to keep intact all the qualities of wheat which guarantee a quality, genuine and tasty product.

Understandably proud of their work

Gina & Sofia has been making pasta for over 20 years and distributing it to the local hotels and restaurants in the Salento who receive the accolades from the diners that have enjoyed the fruits of their labour

knowing that they have collected together the experience, the tradition and the secrets of the “master” pasta makers of the area taking advantage of their ancient wisdom and their fascinating dexterity, as well as special processing with bronze dies to preserve the porosity of the pasta so that it captures the condiments that it is paired with and enhances the overall flavour.

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