Capturing the flavour of Salento

Castel di Salve was established in 1885 by Antonio Winspeare in Depressa, a small town in the Salento which administratively is a part of the commune of Tricase in the Province of Lecce. However, the ancient wine cellar had been abandoned for many years until 1992 when the winery as it is today was established by his grand-nephew Francesco, who continues to run it today with great care and immense passion.

The winery is an example of an industrial space belonging to the 19th century, but with an attraction on a human scale in harmony with its surroundings. The restoration, which involved adapting the wine-making process to modern methods, has been skilfully and tastefully carried out with minute attention to detail.

The vineyards are spread across the Salento peninsular in three areas: Supersano, Parabita and Casarano. Each has a different microclimate from the fresher soil with greater water retention, to the vines of Masseria Bosco Belvedere – Supersano – where the grapes come from for the more aromatic reds, whites and rosé that have an elegant and delicate herbaceous note. The vines vary from 30 years old to those planted only a few years ago.

Castel Di Salve

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Castel Di Salve

Centino Rosso 2016

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Castel Di Salve

Priante Rosso 2015

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Castel di Salve’s ethos

Today the Castel di Salve produces ten labels that reflect a combination of a modern taste and great respect for local tradition. The wines are well-made, and distinctive, using local Salento varieties like:

  • Verdeca
  • Negroamaro
  • Primitivo
  • Malvasia Nera di Lecce

The ethos behind the wines is to give to the reds the stunning red colour of the local soil, to capture the wild fragrances of the Mediterranean, the heat of the Salento sun, and even a hint of the sea.

This season

The wines that we have chosen to stock this season include the Armecolo which was the first wine to be bottled by the Castel Di Salve and is a traditional wine (Negroamaro and Malvasia nera di Lecce). Armecolo has always been made the same way in the Salento with the Negroamaro being sharp and indomitable, and the Malvasia being sweet, aromatic and dark complementing it to perfection.

Lama del Tenente and Priante are the cellar jewels, matured and refined in small oak barrels. The Lama Del Tenente is a blend of Primitivo, Montepulciano and Malvasia Nera, and the Priante is a blend of Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera.

We have also included a Verdeca, which is a fresh tasting white wine with fruity aromas and hints of pear and exotic fruit to see out the summer, and the new Centino which is the son of the classic Cento su Cento and has the purity of Primitivo with a rich nose of spicy black fruit with balsamic scents.