Salento food and wine excellence showcased at BIT Milan 2018

The BIT of Milan , the international fair that promotes Italy’s regions opened its doors this morning, and Paolo Greco, the mayor of Caprarica, the oil town which celebrates it’s 170th year of the Great Market Fair, will fly to the BIT to promote the food and wine excellence of the Salento.

There will be a presentation entitled “Puglia for all tastes” at 17.00 in the event hall of the Puglia Region stand with the mayor of Salve, Vincenzo Passaseo, and Paolo Greco participating in a presentation to the assembled italian and international journalists organized by Rivista Spiagge.

The presentation will focuss on the agricultural traditions and the beauty of the olive groves, and will link together the rhythms of the earth with the Great Feast in honor of San Marco, venerated by the Venetians, which celebrates the strong bond of the Salentini with Venice and their intense trading on the Mediterranean Sea throught the year including the harvest of the first vegetables throughout the spring and summer.

Also featured are the oil towns of CastrìMelendugno and Vernole.

Last modification: 11 February 2018 23:26

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