Andrano, the products of the “Parco Otranto Leuca” arrive in the bio-café

Saturday 27 January, at 6.30 pm, inauguration of the exhibition point of the Park products in the Cafeteria at the Castello Spinola – Caracciolo.

The first cafeteria and exhibition point for the products of the Parco Otranto Leuca is born in Andrano. The inauguration on Saturday 27th January, at 6:30 pm, inside the sixteenth-century Castello Spinola Caracciolo di Andrano.

The ribbon cutting of the new restaurant is an invitation addressed to the whole community, the same that involved the project from which it generates this welcoming place, an alternative point of conviviality: “Joy-welcult” a project of territory financed under the program Interreg Italy-Greece to enhance the “landscape producers”, the virtuous ones that link quality to the territory, in order to insert them in a self-regenerating context. The Exhibition Point of the Park-cafeteria products will offer local products, strictly organic, with particular attention to the concept of food inclusiveness and a careful eye to the recycling of waste, thus becoming a point where to sip a coffee or taste an aperitif acquires a value added.

The coffee shop, being a place of welcome and valorisation, looks at another project carried out by the Park Authority: the SAC Porta d’Oriente, which shares the philosophy of creating a system of tangible and intangible heritage. Continuous wire also evident in the furnishings (made by LaboratoRio Linfa) characterized by the same leitmotiv of the SAC Documentation Center, located on the upper floor of the Castle: attention to materials, local artisan creativity and reuse, the one that does not hurt the environment. 

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