From the heart of Salento

Amrita is an agricultural cooperative founded in 1991 in the ancient and uncontaminated heart of Salento.

Amrita patiently and lovingly cultivate certified organic vegetables without any use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic chemical fertilizers, GMOs and the use of fertilizers such as the waste from animal slaughter.

Amrita’s experience as organic growers is underpinned not only by their commitment to producing food in harmony with the environment, but also that is essential to good health as well as being naturally tasty.

The Amrita range consists of vegetables that have been lovingly grown in the rich red soil of the Salento countryside then handpicked and put in jars just a few hours later.

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Amrita’s Values

Amrita believe that organic and biodynamic farming in the extreme part of the Salento peninsula with its unique characteristics, sandwiched between the languid waters of the Ionian Sea and the wild rocks of the Adriatic, is an act of love for the land, and that the farming and production methods they use will preserve the territory from the harmful effects of intense and industrial farming.

The Perfect Accompaniment

Amrita conserves are the ultimate healthy ready-made accompaniment for many of the old recipes of the Salento tradition as well as modern sophisticated dishes, and a dream come true for the busy home cook encapsulating the concept of food that is genuinely from the land to your table.

They are ideal on their own or paired with our range of “prodotti da forno” baked in the ovens of Pronto BIO as tasty aperitifs, or as a condiment to go with pasta dishes from Gina & Sofia or with any other accompanying fish or meat dish.

From the range of Amrita produce we are stocking:

  • Melanzane (Aubergine)
  • Peperoni (Peppers)
  • Zucchini (Courgette)
  • Pomodori Semisecchi (Sweet Tomatoes)
  • Crema di Peperoni in agrodolce (Sweet and Sour Pepper Cream)

All preserved in organic extra virgin olive oil.

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