Ice on the roads and in the countryside of the Salento, but soon warmer temperatures will come back

The Salento woke up this morning to widespread ice across the region, but this is likely to be the last cold snap of the winter.

It may seem a contradiction, but, after the freezing that occurred overnight, except for the territory of Gallipoli and Capo di Leuca, this morning’s minus temperatures represent the end of the cold that in recent days has affected the whole peninsula.

Salento divided into two..

In a winter that in the heel of Italy was decidedly mild, the Salento in the last few days has seen temperatures deviding it into two: the central and southern sectors saw warmer weather resulting from the cyclonic circulation that focused on the Gulf of Taranto causing a sharp increase in temperatures between Leuca and Gallipoli, whereas the east saw a drop in temperature from 11 degrees in Gallipoli to 5.4 in Lecce, and minus temperatures in parts of central-northern Puglia where it continued to snow so much that the Prefect of Bari closed the local schools.

Bye Bye Winter

But the meteorological winter has come to an end and after a few more hours of cold and some more snow in the north of Puglia, the weather will definitely improve according to meteorologists.

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